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Capri Fox

WA State Licensed Denturist

Vice - President 

Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic®

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Gary Fox

WA State Licensed Denturist


About Us

Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic ​​opened in 1988, and has been a leading provider in denture care since then. My name is Gary Fox, I am the owner of the clinic and its primary Denturist. 

I am born in raised in Washington State. My mother started work in a Dental lab in the early 1940's for Dr. A.B. Gill. On the weekends my mother made dentures and partials for family and friends, as well as in her employment with Dr. Gill. She was what you would call a "bushwacker" in those days. In 1963 at Gill's passing, she purchased the denture department from his widow. Thus, her business was born allowing me to follow in her footsteps when I went to dental technician school in 1971. When I returned in '73 I came back to run the lab in Spokane myself.

My Legal Journey Began in 1978, ​when I decided to start trying to pass regulation law in Washington that allowed Denturists to practice as independent providers. In the previous year of '77 Maine passed the first Denturist Regulation in the United States (Even though there was no provider until 2000 due to the Dental Board controlling Licensing). By this time Canada had already introduced denturist regulation from coast to coast. In 1978 the state of Oregon passed a Denturist Initiative by 75%. I was convinced it was time to "Make a break" so to speak and give it a shot in our home state. It took me nearly ten years, and after some failed attempts to get legislation passed we were successful in 1987. What's better: we passed at 57%. While I had already been serving the public previously under protection of the courts, as soon as the legislation was passed I was able to serve the public with pride as an Independent Denturist.