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A more permanent reline requires an indirect technique where material is added to the denture in the mouth in much the same way as described above for a temporary reline. However, the denture then needs to be sent to a dental laboratory to replace the temporary material with more permanent denture plastic, usually “methacrylate” (meth-a-cri-late). The advantage of a permanent reline is that it is longer lasting; although, it does mean that you will be without your denture for a day or more.

We accept walk-in repairs!

 Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic 

Complete Dentures

For patients who are edentulous (those without natural teeth), we offer high quality complete dentures to meet your needs. We offer a variety of sets to give patients freedom of choice - from our economy Marfil Dentures to our Justi-Blend Dentures, we are confident there is an option for you. Our complete sets range from $780 to $2,600 ($390-$1,300 for singles). Reference the price list for more information. 

Partial Dentures

For those looking for a denture to replace three teeth or more, we offer partials that will fit the right way and work even better. We offer a standard acrylic partial, and offer metal and flexible partials as well. Every mouth is very different, especially when it comes to partials. Our partials range from $800 to $2500 for single partials. Call for a consultation today!

Unilateral Dentures 

If you are looking for a Denture to cover just a single tooth (or two), we offer a discounted partial that can range from $600 to $700. Call for more information.​​


We offer two types of relines, which we call temporary and permanent relines. A temporary reline necessitates adding a layer of material under the denture in your mouth while you are in our office. This involves taking an impression that hardens and fills the void created where the oral tissues have shrunken away from the denture. This approach will generally stabilize the denture for a short period of time.