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Caring for your dentures the right way is important for protecting your oral health. Whether you’re a new or seasoned denture wearer, Gary Fox and Capri Fox offer innovative denture cleaners and accessories at Fox’s Spokane Denture Clinic in Spokane, Washington. These professional denture products keep your dentures clean, comfortable, and looking great. To learn more about denture care, schedule a consultation online or by calling the clinic.

Denture Care Q&A

How do I care for my dentures?

Regular maintenance goes a long way toward ensuring your dentures stay in optimal condition for as long as possible. Partial, complete, and implant dentures all need daily care to keep your mouth in good health.

To clean your dentures, you can rinse them with cold water to remove food and other particles immediately after eating. To prevent damage from dropping them during a cleaning, it is recommended to place them in the sink while rinsing.

At least once a day you should also brush your dentures using a high-quality cleaner, such as Sparkle-Dent, to remove debris and prevent staining. If you use a denture adhesive, make sure to remove any leftover material during each cleaning.

Always brush your natural teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly before putting your dentures back in. It’s also important to remember that you should never use denture cleaners inside your mouth.

How do I maintain my dentures long-term?

Fox's Spokane and Denture Clinic, Inc. provides you with maintenance appointments based on your specific needs. They recommend regular visits that allow them to monitor the fit of your dentures and inspect your gums for any signs of irritation.

During your maintenance visit, Gary and Capri Fox can professionally clean your dentures to remove deep-set stains. He or she can examine your denture appliance for any issues that need repair. In addition to routine maintenance, the providers also offer free denture adjustments during the warranty period to ensure you always have a perfect fit.

The office may also recommend safe products for cleaning your natural teeth to prevent damage to your dentures. Hard bristle brushes, bleaching agents, and toothpaste can cause damage to your denture appliance. Harsh chemicals may even cause corrosion of the metal parts of your denture device.

Fun Fact: Your dogs love dentures.

To learn more about the available denture care products and services, schedule a consultation online or by phone.


We accept the majority of dental insurance plans, including Washington State Medicaid plans. Please call our office if you do not see yours listed or have any other questions.

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