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If you’re looking to replace a full set of dentures with a more stable option, you may be a good candidate for implant dentures. At Fox’s Spokane Denture Clinic in Spokane, Washington, Gary Fox and Capri Fox are highly skilled in implant denture procedures. They ensure a comfortable fit, using the most advanced denture technologies available. To find out if denture implants are right for you, schedule a consultation online or by calling the clinic.

Denture Implants Q&A

What are implant dentures?

If you’ve lost teeth due to decay or disease, implant dentures are a great alternative to their removable counterparts, Fox retrofits denture appliances with housing units to fit on implants placed by an oral surgeon. These titanium implants in your gums prevent slipping and loose dentures. The end result is removable implant retained dentures.

To be a good candidate for denture implants, we recommend you consult your oral surgeon. Please contact our office if you need a referral. Often, denture implants are made to fit your lower jaw because this area is less stable than your upper jaw. 

Implant dentures are removable, and you need to maintain them properly to prevent gum disease and damage to your denture device and implants.

How long does it take to get implant dentures?

First, after your implants are placed and you are completely healed, Fox evaluates your mouth for an implant denture. The provider will then create a mold of your mouth to create your denture.

It takes several months for your gums to heal and for your bones to grow around the posts. During this time, Gary or Capri Fox can fit you with a set of immediate dentures, so you won’t have to go without teeth while your gums heal. Immediate implants also help your gums heal efficiently.

Once your gums are ready, the provider places the custom-made denture into your mouth, securing them over the post. He or she ensures the dentures fit snugly in your mouth and that you can chew and talk with ease.

How do I care for my implant dentures?

As with other dentures, we recommend you wear them at all times other than for regular cleaning. You use denture cleaners and a gentle brush to remove food particles and other debris daily.

It is also important that you let the office know if you’re feeling any movement in your denture so he or she can make adjustments. Loose-fitting implant dentures can cause gum irritation and sores that, if not treated, can lead to gum inflammation.