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Although your dentures are designed to be durable, there may come a time when the device breaks and becomes too uncomfortable to wear. Though the situation can cause you stress, there are fast, affordable options available at Fox’s Spokane Denture Clinic in Spokane, Washington. Gary Fox and Capri Fox offer affordable denture repair services to restore your broken dentures to like-new condition. To schedule a repair appointment, book online or call the clinic directly. The office accepts morning walk in repairs.

Denture Repair Q&A

Why do I need to have my dentures repaired?

When you break a dental appliance, it can be tempting to put off repair services. Living with broken dentures isn’t only uncomfortable, it can also be damaging to your oral health. Cracked or damaged dentures can also cause long-term damage to your natural teeth and gums.

Broken or ill-fitting dentures can cause stress to your dentures that results in further damage to the device. This damage can mean more expensive repair services for you in the future.

Even normal wear and tear of your dentures requires regular denture maintenance and repair. Gary or Capri Fox can recommend the right maintenance schedule for your current dentures and in most cases offer same-day services to quickly repair your dentures if they become damaged or broken.

Can I fix broken dentures myself?

Only an experienced denturist can repair broken dentures. Whether your partial or complete denture set becomes damaged, the provider can fix them properly and ensure a good fit. It’s important that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible for a repair service.

If you attempt to repair dentures on your own, using over-the-counter repair kits or other materials, you are not only at risk for further damage to your dentures, but you can also make them unrepairable. Glues and other denture fixes can contain dangerous chemicals that are toxic to your body.

Improperly repaired dentures can also cause damage to your mouth that results in painful sores, redness, and irritation. Attempting to repair dentures on your own will void any warranty by Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic, Inc.

When do my dentures need to be replaced?

Gary or Capri Fox can advise you when to replace dentures that no longer fit your mouth due to damage or changes in your gums. Though your dentures are made to be durable and long-lasting, normal wear and tear can change the effectiveness of your dentures. This can lead to discomfort and difficulties while eating and speaking.

Through regular maintenance checkups and relining services, the providers can keep your dentures in optimal condition. They monitor the condition of your dentures and changes in your bone and gums, and they can recommend the right time to get better-fitting, more comfortable dentures.

We offer repair reimbursements for patients who began treatment for a new denture within 30 days of the repair.

Schedule an appointment online or by phone to schedule a denture repair service.