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At Fox’s Spokane Denture Clinic in Spokane, Washington, Gary and Capri Fox offer a variety of options to ensure you get the right type of denture teeth you need for good oral health. You can choose the budget-friendly economy denture teeth or the premium, stain-resistant premium teeth to enhance your smile and restore functionality to your mouth. Schedule a consultation online or by phone to learn more about the available denture teeth options.

Denture Teeth Q&A

What types of denture teeth are available?

Choosing the right denture goes a long way to ensuring you can talk and chew comfortably, without worrying about pain or loss of functionality. Fox's Spokane and Denture Clinic, Inc. offers three types of teeth materials that make up your dentures, including:

  • Economy teeth
  • Standard teeth
  • Premium teeth

Gary and Capri Fox can suggest which material is best for you based on your lifestyle and overall health needs. Whether you have budgetary concerns or are looking for a tough, long-lasting denture, Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic, Inc. can fit you for the best available denture to your satisfaction.

What can I expect from economy denture teeth?

Economy teeth consist of cross-linked acrylic, a soft plastic material that can be an economical choice if you need to replace missing teeth. You can expect this type of denture to go through wear and tear by about 20% each year, and you may need to replace them sooner than with the standard or premium teeth options.

The rate of wear and tear differs among people, as everyone has different oral health needs. In addition to being a cost-effective option, your economy denture teeth also include a one-year warranty.

What are standard denture teeth?

Standard denture teeth are made of a hardier, more resilient cross-linked material, much like a hardened plastic. Standard teeth offer superior hardness, wear-resistance, and resemble your natural teeth.

Standard teeth are the most popular option for those who want a naturally-looking denture at an affordable price. They come with a 2-year warranty for your protection.

Are premium denture teeth the better option?

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, versatile denture, the premium denture teeth Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic, Inc. offers are an ideal choice. This selection is made of unbreakable cast chrome alloy that assists you with chewing.

Premium teeth are wear-resistant and offer more durability than economy and standard teeth. The premolars and molar teeth feature blades that aren’t visible to others, even when you’re smiling or talking.

Even though premium teeth are the strongest Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic, Inc. offers, they come with a four-year warranty for your peace of mind.

To learn more about the benefits of denture teeth, book an appointment online or by phone today.