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Facing a tooth extraction, especially if you’re going to lose multiple teeth, can be difficult. At Fox’s Spokane Denture Clinic in Spokane, Washington, Gary Fox and Capri Fox offer a temporary solution to help you heal and prevent embarrassment. Immediate dentures are an ideal solution for temporarily replacing extracted teeth and helping your gums heal properly. You retain functionality and a great smile while your mouth adjusts for a permanent denture. To learn more about the benefits of immediate dentures, schedule an appointment online or by calling the clinic.

Immediate Dentures Q&A

What are immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures are a temporary denture device the office may recommend following a tooth extraction or while your mouth adjusts for a permanent denture. The denture is made of acrylic teeth that resemble your other teeth.

Your mouth is constantly changing throughout the first year wearing immediate dentures. Immediate dentures also prevent embarrassment or self-confidence issues because of the loss of your teeth. You can enjoy both the functionality and aesthetic value temporary teeth offer as you recover from an extraction.

How do immediate dentures work?

Gary or Capri Fox will take a mold of your mouth prior to your dental surgery and will custom-make your denture. 

Depending on your needs, the provider can fit you with upper and lower temporary dentures. The immediate denture serves as a bandage to your gums after the extraction of your teeth. The denture protects the soft gum tissue during your recovery. It also helps control bleeding in your gums and prevents excessive swelling.

Following your surgery, it is important to properly care for your gums and remaining teeth to ensure healing. That includes the care of maintenance of your denture. Following surgery, we recommend that you wear the dentures at all times. If there is pain, please call our office to schedule an adjustment.

How do I care for an immediate denture?

The providers may need to adjust your immediate denture several times as your mouth heals to ensure a comfortable fit until you are ready for a permanent denture or dental implant.

You should clean your denture using cold water and a gentle dental brush to remove debris from the inside and outside of your denture. To facilitate the healing of your gums, you should also rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm salt water before replacing the denture back into your mouth.

Once your gums heal completely, Gary or Capri Fox reevaluates your mouth and creates a new mold for your permanent denture around 12 months after your extraction date.



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