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If you’re missing one or more teeth yet still have natural teeth remaining, Gary Fox and Capri Fox can provide you with a natural-looking partial. Several partial denture options are available at Fox’s Spokane Denture Clinic in Spokane, Washington to enhance your smile and prevent dysfunction in your bite. To learn more about the benefits of partial dentures, schedule a consultation online or by calling the clinic.

Partial Dentures Q&A

What is a partial denture?

Partial dentures are removable or fixed devices the office uses to replace one or more missing teeth. The removable version features natural-looking, acrylic teeth attached to a gum-colored base that fit into an area where you are missing teeth.

A fixed partial denture is made of acrylic or metal connectors that attach to your remaining natural teeth to anchor them in place. 

Each type of partial denture features sturdy teeth with a base made of acrylic or chrome to make chewing and speaking easy. Gary or Capri Fox can determine which partial denture fit is right for you based on your specific needs.

What partial denture options are available?

At Fox’s Spokane Denture Clinic, several partial denture services are available, including:

  • Economy partial
  • Standard partial

Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic, Inc. also offers unilateral dentures, also known as flippers, in both the economy and standard packages. Unilateral dentures are ideal if you’re missing one to two teeth only on one side in a single arch. Flippers are also useful as a temporary replacement following a tooth extraction or other dental surgery

What are the benefits of a partial denture?

Missing teeth just one tooth can disrupt your bite and make chewing more difficult. Missing teeth will always cause shrinkage of bone and tissue, but a partial will prevent your other teeth from drifting.

Using a partial denture can replace natural teeth, maintain your bite, and prevent problems with your jaw and facial muscles. Partials can also enhance your overall profile and allow you to smile again.

Other benefits of partial dentures include:

  • Maintaining natural tooth alignment
  • Maintaining natural bite and chewing
  • Minimal movement
  • Less-invasive denture option

Is it safe to sleep with partial dentures?

Ideally, if you have removable partial dentures, you should sleep with them in. Removable partial dentures require proper care and it is extremely important to handle them with care.

Additionally, not wearing your partial denture can cause your natural teeth to shift, and in turn, can compromise the framework of your partial denture. 

Warranties are not included with partial dentures due to their fragile framework.

We do not accept Medicade / Provider One for Partial procedure, however payment plans are available!