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We accept most insurances, including Medicaid, DSHS, and/or Apple Health!

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OUR MISSIONis to overcome all of your fears and put your mind at ease, while creating a quality product for your oral health.  We want you to have everything in the world to smile about - unabashed, confident, and beautiful. At Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make that happen.

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 Fox's Spokane Denture Clinic 

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   Ph: 509.535.7434    Fax: 509.536.4744

General Email:  foxdentureclinic@gmail.com

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1723 S. Ray, Spokane WA 99223

Transitioning to dentures can be a stressful and scary thing for many people. We strive to make the process as easy as possible, so that you can have the confidence you deserve.